My son really struggled with memorising surahs and would often get frustrated. However once I enrolled him with 121 Islam online it became easier. His teacher gave him the right amount of homework and his confidence began to grow.
Masha Allah I am so pleased with his progress he has come a long way. I am so grateful to his teacher.
Suliman Ali

Parent written testimony

Khizr is one of our devoted students who has been studying with us for the past since February 2018 and alhamdulillah has memorised the complete Holy Qur’an. This is a short testimonial video from him.

Khizer Gul khan

Student video testimony

“121islam online was the perfect solution for our daughter to stay engaged with learning Quran in the best way while being in the UK…. All best wishes for this outstanding academy”
Malak Ahmed

Parent written testimony

Anas has been with us from day one, he has learnt how to speak fluently in Arabic and he; and his siblings have also memorised the entire Holy Quraan from our academy.

Anas Naseer

Student video testimony

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